We live in a world that requires thoughtful and well informed leaders. Every day the BSP is nurturing students to grow as individuals and to develop intellectually and socially into potential future leaders. Students here learn not only from their teachers and each other but also from invited guests, visitors and of course alumni.

Whether you are a former student or a past visitor/friend of the School perhaps you would be happy to talk to us about offering your time and talent for the benefit of current BSP students?

Our students have wide ranging interests and talents. Sometimes we will ask for a specific request for expertise in a particular area but we would definitely love to hear your ideas and suggested topics too. Your help could be delivered in many different forms, such as visiting the BSP to talk to students about your career/speciality or life experience, or filming/recording such a talk or artistic performance – the possibilities are endless and the School, of course, will help organise and facilitate such projects.

One final thing: you may decide that your talent could be best put to use as an organiser of an alumni event or gathering - just let us know on the form below.

If you are willing to offer your services, all you need to do right now is to complete the following form and we will be in touch…

Please review our alumni data protection statement here.

If you provide us with contact details for a particular method of communication (i.e. your email address or phone number) we will use them to communicate with you by this method, unless you ask us not to. If you have already provided us with these details and are receiving communications from us by any of these methods and you would like us to stop or amend your details in any way, then please contact us at [email protected]

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