Miss Wassell has always been passionate about working with people, leading change, the creative arts and ensuring every child reaches their full potential.

After graduating from Leeds University with a first class degree in Design and Technology Management, Miss Wassell embarked on a competitive graduate scheme at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. After completion, she decided to venture down the pathway of teaching. Studying her PGCE at Newcastle University and gaining her first teaching job in Newcastle upon Tyne, Miss Wassell was involved in an Erasmus project which saw her jet off to Finland and look at their education system. This inspired her to teach abroad and in 2017 she moved to Paris. Within her teaching career, Miss Wassell has taught in both Key Stage 1 and 2. She held the position of Head of Phase Year 5 and Year 6 before embarking on the role of Assistant Head Academic for the Junior School in their Senior Leadership Team. She leads the subject leaders and the assessment process at the Junior School. Outside of the classroom, Miss Wassell loves directing the Year 6 production and providing creative arts clubs. She enjoys working in a dynamic and exciting environment. Miss Wassell truly believes that every child can achieve and should always be encouraged to flourish both academically and socially.

Miss Wassell is Assistant Head Academic for the Junior School. 


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