The British School of Paris is different and so is its alumni community.

To develop an ever stronger and more vibrant global community we embrace social media to engage pupils, parents, staff and friends - old and new.

If you have not already done so and would like to join us please take a moment now to stay connected to the BSP by:

  • Following the BSP on LinkedIn by clicking here
  • following  our dedicated BSP Alumni Facebook page
  • join our closed Facebook Global Community Group which, over time, will offer more regular postings, conversations, support for careers/jobs and access to more subject specific materials via our new intellectual content forum (coming soon). Why not join now and be one of the first to start the ball rolling? (Log into Facebook to do so)

If you prefer to be included in occasional news and invitations via email rather than social media, fill out the online form here.

Please review our alumni data protection statement here.

If you provide us with contact details for a particular method of communication (i.e. your email address or phone number) we will use them to communicate with you by this method, unless you ask us not to. If you have already provided us with these details and are receiving communications from us by any of these methods and you would like us to stop or amend your details in any way, then please contact us at [email protected]


We believe that by using the specific strengths of social media, particularly its ability to harness social networks to reach and motivate audiences, the members of the wider BSP community can help each other using social networks. If you are happy to participate please do encourage friends, family and supporters to connect to the BSP too. Thank you.

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