The School’s Aims

  • to provide a continuous course of high-quality all-round education to children of a wide range of abilities and cultural backgrounds, from Nursery level up to University entrance, embracing a wide range of extra-curricular activities as well as an academic curriculum based on courses followed in the UK so as to facilitate transfer to and from UK and British International schools;
  • to foster the development of individuality and independence of mind in all students, while at the same time encouraging high moral standards, self-discipline and mutual respect for the cultures, opinions and values of others;
  • to pursue a practical and interactive approach in teaching, which employs new technologies and resources, to encourage students to be rigorous in their work habits and to take responsibility for their own learning;
  • to provide a well-ordered environment in which discipline is firm without being repressive, and where school and parents work closely together and form a strong community, and to maintain close links with the local commune;
  • to ensure successful delivery of our educational programme through the employment and development of well-qualified, competent, and enthusiastic members of staff;
  • to identify and respond to every child’s needs using tailor-made programmes to help their development;
  • to maintain buildings and resources at a level commensurate with the high standards of education we are seeking to deliver;
  • to maximise the experience of living in France, a cultural dimension which offers the opportunity to enhance many aspects of the education which it provides;
  • to make students aware of health, safety, and environmental concerns, not only on a global scale, but also as they affect our daily lives.


Pastoral Care - Student welfare

At the BSP, we want your child to be happy and successful - in that order. Our paramount concern is that pupils integrate fully and quickly into school life and enjoy their time with us. 

Our pastoral care is second to none and supports every pupil’s academic and learning life throughout the School. It is one of the clear differentiators of a British education and underpins the School’s overall approach to teaching and learning.



The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent.  At all ages, pupils are self confident and feel supported in the atmosphere of mutual respect between teachers and pupils and between pupils themselves. 
ISI Inspection Report, 2019