The British Education System

The National Curriculum aims to provide a balanced coverage of the arts and sciences, expressive arts and physical education, ensuring that pupils develop a wide range of skills and techniques together with creativity and physical well-being.

In the National Curriculum, the years are divided into Key Stages of learning and development.

Key Stage and Age Guide

  • Level of School
  • Pre-Junior
  • Junior
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Senior
  • Senior
  • Key Stage (KS)
  • Foundation Stage
  • KS 1
  • KS 2
  • KS 3
  • KS 4
  • Sixth Form
  • School Year
  • Nursery and Reception
  • Years 1-2
  • Years 3-6
  • Years 7-9
  • Years 10-11 GCSE
  • Years 12-13 A Levels
  • Child's Age
  • 3-5
  • 5-7
  • 7-11
  • 12-14
  • 15-16
  • 17-18


GCSE General Certificate of Secondary Education

There is a broad, diverse and stimulating subject choice available at GCSE here at the BSP. The GCSE courses provides a deeper and more challenging approach to the subjects studied and is and  is an excellent preparation for the A Level courses. Success in these courses will depend on a pupil’s ability to work hard in class, and the willingness to study independently. Many of the subjects demand that pupils prepare coursework – this is evidence of personal study skills rather than just a test of the ability to memorise material. Much of this work will be assessed under controlled conditions in class.

Advanced Level

At the British School of Paris we offer a large variety of subjects at Advanced Level, These courses are specifically designed to provide an in-depth knowledge of each subject, this degree of subject specialisation is an excellent preparation for the rigorous demands of top-class Universities worldwide. This qualification is recognized for University entrance worldwide. The certificate is studied for in two parts; at the end of the first year the AS (Advanced Subsidiary) is examined followed by the A2 final examination at the end of the second year of Sixth Form, leading to the full Advanced Level certificate.