Don’t just take our word for it! Here are just a small selection of comments about the School from others:

We would like to thank the school for its exemplary schooling and we are truly saddened to be leaving such a fantastic school.

The teachers at the junior school are in a class of their own and many have become friends. Without their constant dedication and passion to their jobs I am sure Max would not have excelled as much as he has.

Our standards have certainly been raised in the level of education we now require for Max and our job to find a new school with the same high standards and facilities will undoubtedly be very difficult.

Anthea Welch ,
IMG_1265“I am incredibly impressed by how accepting and open minded the school community is, thanks to the broad spectrum of nationalities and beliefs in the student body.”





Farida Elassar, Head Girl at the BSP
Yoyophoto“The most important things at the BSP to me, are the opportunities which have led me to where I am now. You’ll find that there is so much more to do here than to just learn.”





Mingxuan Cai, Head Boy at the BSP
maziar2All the places I can remember as a child or teenager appear surprisingly smaller to me when I revisit them as an adult.  This hitherto ‘working hypothesis’ was violated upon returning to the BSP after more than two decades.  I was struck by the school’s expansion and modernization, and equally heartened to see it doing so well.  I was given a guided tour of the new facilities by my former Physics teacher, Mr Bentley, with whom I exchanged fond memories of former friends and teachers.  It was emotional for me to be welcomed back with such hospitality to a place where I enjoyed so many happy and formative moments.  As a pupil of the school, I certainly felt privileged to be studying an accredited British curriculum in an idyllic suburb of (indisputably) one of the greatest capital cities of the world.  I also believe the teaching staff appreciated the quality of life too, which in turn encouraged them to provide a high level of instruction. Indeed, the science and mathematics classes inspired me to continue my academic and professional interests in these fields to this day.  By way of vindication, my wife also loved the school during the visit.  May be one day life will take us (back) to Paris.  If so, we both know a very good school there!
Maziar Kakhi , Old Parisian; pupil at the BSP 1983-1987
I am glad that thanks to the quote I was asked for in an article in Le Parisien,  you have attracted significant publicity for the school; you deserve it, it is such a great school and I never miss the opportunity to speak about it. In fact, the article was published as far away as Australia and some friends of mine in Melbourne read it with interest!
Catherine Ouvrard, Director, Saint Germain Relocation
It is really hard for everybody in the family to leave the BSP after so many years after the wonderful time the kids and us had in the unique community of the school.
Sewilam family,
We would like to go on the record to thank all those who we have met at The British School of Paris during our daughter’s admissions process. May we also add that we have been very impressed by the professionalism of all concerned and by the overall quality of what you offer here.
Mr and Mrs Harel,
I am happy to report that my daughter’s new school in the United States was so impressed by her school record at the BSP that they didn’t even ask her to sit the selective entrance exam. Her two years at the BSP have provided her with a much broader cultural perspective and will certainly stand her in very good stead in the future. Thank you so much too for the warmth of your initial welcome – we both fondly being offered tea and comfort when we first arrived to look at the BSP!
Susan and Brian Atwood,
Thank you to you and all the staff for your support over the last year, the success of which I gauge by just how happy my two boys are.
Rachel Husbands,
Lasting great memories and experiences will remain with my son for the rest of his life. Thank you.
Mariana Villa,
I would like to express my appreciation for the work that is being done at the BSP. We have all enjoyed the positive, stimulating and cooperative spirit in the school along with the wonderful facility that the new building represents. Our kids have greatly benefitted from being educated here.
Agnes Hanko,
After researching diverse options in Paris, we have come to the conclusion that the BSP is the best school for our children, not only because of its high academic standards, but because it shares our values and principles regarding our children’s education.
Cristina Dominguez,
Our children were impressed by the friendliness and openness of all the people they met. They have been left with the feeling that every effort will be made to support and help them with the integration into their new school environment.
Erik de Meulder,
For both the Junior and Senior Schools, we can say unequivocally that the BSP has been the best schooling experience we have had.
Marie Fillbrook,