Our Students

Head Girl: Farida Elassar

IMG_1265Farida recalls her first day entering the gates of  our school almost six years ago, having already been to five schools on four different continents! She says the BSP instantly felt like home, and is the longest she has been in one place.

“I am incredibly impressed by how accepting and open minded the school community is, thanks to the broad spectrum of nationalities and beliefs in the student body.”

At school, Farida’s focus is on the Sciences and EPQ. She is also a member of the debating society (MUN). She feels that here, at The British School, excellence is encouraged, and success recognized as well as celebrated, which has allowed her to grow as a person and prepare for further education. She wishes to study Bio Engineering at university. Farida believes that as Head Girl, she should give something back to the school community.

“It has made me who I am today, and I want to make sure that every pupil has as good an experience as I have, by creating unique opportunities and acting as a link between the student body and the staff.”


Head Boy: Mingxuan Cai

YoyophotoMingxuan Cai is Head Boy at the British School of Paris. Otherwise known as ‘Yoyo’ around the school, he has been with us for six years, arriving with very limited spoken English. Yoyo admits to feeling very scared at first, but quickly felt welcomed, and easily learned the language.

“The EAL Department is particularly proud of the fact that Yoyo joined the BSP at 12 years old, having to take Intensive English classes and is now our first Itensive English pupil to become Head Boy !”
-Mrs.Webster (Head of EAL and IE)

At school, Yoyo is involved in rock climbing, and video production. He feels that his biggest aim this year is to create the same opportunities and even more for students, so that they commit themselves to school and enjoy their time whilst they are here. He is an active member of the school orchestra, and plays instruments like cymbals, bass drums, and the piano.

“The most important things at the BSP to me, are the opportunities which have led me to where I am now. You’ll find that there is so much more to do here than to just learn.”

With a passionate interest in technology, Yoyo hopes to study Engineering at university. We wish him good luck!