Kapla Days

The whole school had a KAPLASTIC time this week. Kapla instructors came from Paris to give the children lots of Kaplatips. They all became Kapla experts building space rockets, aliens, snakes, bridges, villages, houses, cars, towers and much more. Even Nursery can
now build towers that will soon inspire buildings in La Défense. They had such good fun but the best moment of all was knocking it all down!

Little Shop of Horrors

With this school play being my last one at the BSP, it’s been one to remember. It’s been a pleasure working with the many teachers and parents who have given up their time to put together a fantastic performance. I have loved being part of this team for the past six months, and would like to wish everybody good luck for next year. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back and watch the next show! Thank you.





Around the World Day

The School has once again had the pleasure of hosting one of the highlights of the Junior School year, the annual ‘Around the World Day’. Parents from 31 different countries had worked hard to produce colourful, informative, exciting and often highly original presentations to celebrate the culture and traditions of their homeland.During the day, all of the children travelled the continents of the world (within the confines of the school!), sampling such delights as Mexican cuisine, South American dancing, the Portuguese culture, plus so much more, each section animated by parents in their national costumes.  Everyone had lots of fun, but also learned much more about the richness of the world which we are so lucky to be able to share together at the BSP. A big thank you again to all of the parents who contributed.


David Holmes’ Visit

David Holmes, co-author of many of the GCSE and A-level textbooks students use, regularly visits The British School of Paris to deliver training about the latest in British Geography teaching and learning practice.

In his workshops in early January 2017, David highlighted the knowledge and skills that we expect our Year 7s to be able to master year-after-year towards Year 13 and into higher education. Careers such as being an environmental consultant, or an economic growth and government analyst, or a social activist supporting integration of refugees in European host countries all require the skills that a BSP Geographer has.

The latest 2016/17 changes to the GCSE and A-level require more mathematics, science, fieldwork (yes, there will be more field trips!), and ICT skills from our students. For example our students will be able to create, analyse and scrutinise maps, ‘Big Data’ and their own field data using the latest in ArcGIS (Geographical Information Systems) software. All year groups have a lot to look forward to in Geography at The British School of Paris.



Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom

Once again Tall Stories’ exciting production of one of Julia Donaldson’s best-loved stories was a real treat for children and parents alike. This is what some of the Junior School pupils had to say after the wonderful performance:

“I thought the songs were funny. My favourite character was the frog.” Shiven
, 4X

“I liked the play. The setting was very good as there were trees on either side covered in blue brooms and at the back there was a black canvas with a circular picture of the sky. Also, all the actors were very good.” Ayla, 4T

“It was very good and funny. My favourite part was when everyone wanted to go on the broom.” Olivia, 5X