What the staff say

Mr Vincent Porato

IT Technician


"Hi, I’m Vincent. The less you see me the better... it just means that your IT equipment is working properly. The IT Department is always invisible when everything is running smoothly but in high demand when it isn’t. This is what my colleagues and I are here for!"

Mr Filipe Ribeiro

Maintenance Manager


"I have been working at the school for 16 years and I am still as motivated as ever by my role as maintenance manager. I like helping the pupils and the teachers to achieve their projects and consequently contribute to the school’s development for the greater good."

Miss Jenny King

Head of PE, Senior School


"This is currently my fourth year at the BSP and it is different from anywhere I've worked before. Being small there is a real sense of community, all ages interact and you quickly get to know all the students well. It's those strong relationships and the knowledge that students want to learn and do their best that makes my life as a PE teacher so much fun."

Mrs Henriques

Kitchen Staff


"I have worked at the Junior School for many years. When I started, there were only a few of us. It was a small school. Over the years the school has grown. On behalf of all the kitchen staff, I would like to say that we are very proud to prepare and serve the children’s meals every day."

Mrs Dominiski Luz



"I feel happy and committed to my job at the BSP. I hope the school will continue to flourish as a landmark institution in education."

Mr Doug McGregor

PE Teacher, Junior School

"This is my thirteenth year at the BSP. I have had the privilege of teaching sport at the Junior School and coaching both 1st team Rugby and Football at the Senior School. In my free time I enjoy travelling with my wife to explore different countries and cultures around the world."

Mr Giles Bates

Head of Year 13, Politics and History Teacher 

"Aesthetically it would be hard to better our location yet the real beauty of the school is the value the staff place upon their relationship with the pupils who come through the gate. This is what I enjoy, and look forward to, as I cycle along the river bank to school each day."

Mrs Alice Weber

Recruitment and Training Coordinator 


“I’ve been in the HR department at the BSP for three years and I love what I do. It’s very rewarding accompanying candidates on their journey from applicant to confirmed staff member and hopefully easing that process. I get huge job satisfaction from providing support to colleagues. The BSP isn’t an ordinary company; it’s a community - people here really care about making a positive difference to the lives of pupils, parents and staff.”