Meet the Students


My name is Amy, I am 10 and I’m in Year 7. My birthday is on January 13th. I have two siblings in the school. My brother is in Year 2 and my sister is in Year 6. We are from Dunbar, Scotland where we have always lived. At school, I like reading and art but I don’t really like maths or spelling. My favourite books are 'Harry Potter' and 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', because they are ad-venturous. In my free time, I like playing hockey, basketball and netball and I don’t like doing nothing… When I grow up I would like to be an author or be the person who thinks of ideas for movies.


My name is Jessica, I am 9 and I am in Year 6. I have got two brothers and one sister at the BSP. They are 5, 12 and 13 years old. I am from Nigeria and I have always lived there, this is my first time living abroad. I like all subjects at school but I prefer maths and literacy. My favourite book is 'Snow White' because it has love in it. During my free time, I like designing clothes for my friends, I enjoy sewing. When I grow up I want to be a designer.


My name is Thomas. I am 9 and I am in 5Y. I have one sister, Sofia in 1X. I am Brazilian, and I had always lived in Brazil, in Curitiba before I arrived in France last April. At school I like DT and swimming. My favourite books are Harry Potter’s stories. Outside of school I do music, I take guitar lessons and I really like it. When I grow up I would like to be a scientist.


My name of Oliver, I am 9 and I am in Year 6. I have a twin brother Alexander and a sister, Isabel in Year 9. Before we came to France, I lived in Belgium, Germany and this is our 5th year in France. I am German, Dutch and Swedish and at home we speak a mix of English, German and Dutch. My favourite subject at school is maths and I don’t really like literacy. I like reading funny stories. At the moment, I am using a wheelchair at school because last year I had an operation to make my leg longer but I hope I can soon run around and do the things I like again such as playing outside, swimming and biking. When I grow up I would like to become a fireman.


My name is Amily and I come from Aberdeen. I have an older sister who is 9 and is in Year 4. I love spending time with my family, going shopping and playing football. My favourite food is cheese and onion crisps and my favourite drink is milk. In Aberdeen my best friends were called Ria and Charlotte. Now I live here I have made new friends and they care called Isabelle, Mila and Tala. I used to have a fish called Shimmer. My favourite animal is a crocodile and I have a toy crocodile called Tick Tock Croc.


My name is Bernard, and I'm currently in Year 13 studying History, English Literature, Maths and French. Both my parents and I are Canadian, however, I was born in Singapore and I lived in The Netherlands for 13 years whilst attending the BSN. At the age of 13 we moved to France for my dad's work and I have been at the BSP ever since. I speak 3 languages; English, French and Dutch but I've been learning Mandarin for 3 years. I am a national level swimmer, training around 20 hours a week and I sing in the men's choir at School. I would like to have a career in law, therefore by being a class representative and student council member, I'm honing my ability to responsibly advocate for others in order to promote equality within the school to ensure that everyone is being listened to. Personally, I believe that, particularly for the 6th Form, the teacher-student relationships are great. I feel that the approachability of all the staff is a great asset for all students since we are learning to communicate effectively and respectfully to our teachers which will be a valuable skill for the future. However, in my point of view, the best part of School is just School itself: the BSP is a place where I can channel my intellectual/academic potential whilst creating meaningful connections with those around me. I'm grateful for the opportunities that the BSP has and will provide me by simply allowing me to learn in a safe environment with teachers and students who share the same values as I do.


Hello, my name is Thais, I am 8 years old and I am in Year 4. I was born in England but at home I speak Portuguese with my mum and French with my dad. I have always lived in the UK and this is my first time living abroad. At school I love Art but I don’t like literacy. I love reading but my favourite books are Roald Dahl’s stories. I also enjoy swimming and riding my bike. I don’t like running. Later, I would like to work in a circus and be a clown.


My name is Alexander, I am 7 and I’m in 3X. I come from Great Britain and this is my first time being in a school abroad. My favourite subject at school is history, and I like literacy the least. The books that I enjoy the most are Tom Gates and Asterix stories. When I am not at school, I play tennis in Croissy. When I am older I would like to be a professional football player.


My name is Linnea, I am 7 and I am in Year 3. I was born in Aberdeen but I lived in Norway, Dubai and now in France. At home I speak Swedish with my mum and my sister and English with my dad. I have only one sister, she is in Nursery. At school I love maths because I am very good at it. My favourite books are Horrid Henry stories. After school, on Wednesdays I go to Rainbows. When I am older, I would like to be a palaeontologist because I love dinosaurs.


My name is Alice, I am 7 and I am in Year 3. I come from Brazil and I speak English with my father and Portuguese with my mother. Before coming to Paris, I lived in São Paulo. At school, I like to learn about new things, I enjoy all the different subjects. My favourite books are the cooking, gymnastics and art ones. When I grow up, I would like to become an artist and paint pictures.


My name is Yaning, I am Chinese and in Year 12. I moved to The British School of Paris from Harrow International School Beijing. Some of the things I most like about school include the atmosphere and the healthy teacher/student relationship; students get along well, no distinct groups such that everyone mixes together well. I am also a student representative for my year and this makes me more aware of things going on in school, in my own year group and in others, and I have a better understanding of how we work as a community at the BSP as well as being able to help out others with problems/ideas.


My name is Margaret Sotom. I'm in Year 12, I have two nationalities, French and American, and I'm bilingual. I came to The British School of Paris in January 2012. Since my first day of school, I’ve enjoyed my time here, as everyone is so welcoming.  Also, there is a huge variety of activities available, academic, social and physical thus students can acquire many life skills. I’ve have had an amazing experience here and I’m very proud of my achievements which all happened due to the amazing support and opportunities this school provides. I am a student representative and collect feedback from students to inform the school of any social or academic issues that could be affecting school life so as tocreate an even better environment for not only students but staff too. Being a representative actually allows you to have an impact on school life and make a difference for the better no matter how small or big that difference is. It allows you to be the students’ voice and presents an image some students can look up to and rely on to help them. So my favourite thing about being a rep is not even the achievement for myself but it’s what this position allows me to do for other people. 


My name is Harry, I am 9 and I am in Year 6. I have two sisters, both in the Senior School in Year 8 and 10. I am English but before coming to Paris I lived in Prague for 5 years. My favourite subject is literacy and my second favourite is ICT but I don’t like spelling or guided reading. However, I like reading at home and my favourite book is 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. Outside of school, I play in an ice hockey team in Boulogne-Billancourt 3 times a week. After school or during the week-end I love walking my dog to the park. At home, I don’t like it when my sisters annoy me! When I grow up I would like to be an aeronautical engineer.