ISST Rugby Cup Tournament Results


4 points for a Win

2 points for a Draw

0 points for a Loss

1 bonus point for scoring 4 tries or more

1 bonus point for losing by 7 points or fewer


Teams on same points during the tournament are ranked in the table above by:

1. Team with better points difference ranked higher

2. If still tied, by total tries scored

NB This method not used at the end of the tournament - see below.


If teams are level on points at end of tournament, the result of their head to head match shall determine the winner

If that match was a draw, these criteria are applied in order:

1. Tries scored in the game between the 2 sides. If equal then…

2. Tournament points difference

3. Total tries scored in the tournament

4. Penalty shoot out

*ASL unable to field a full team so forfeit all their matches at a score of 15-0 with 3 tries against

Friendly matches will take place involving ASL players at the times shown