A Level: age 16-18

The Sixth Form experience is rightly described as the best that education has to offer. A greater freedom, combined with the study of subjects that you genuinely enjoy, in smaller classes and with more adult relationships with teachers and tutors all make for an exceptionally fulfilling and hugely rewarding time. To have the opportunity to do all this at a place as lively and as aspirational as The British School of Paris is to make that experience unforgettable.

The Sixth Form years are very much a gateway to university and beyond – a time too for individuals to equip themselves with those vital life skills, balancing independence and responsibility alongside the need to prioritise effectively to meet deadlines and other expectations.

The vibrant nature of the BSP means that as well as academic opportunities to rival the best of any British or international school, a whole range of other exciting and enriching ones exist too. There’s sport, music, the arts, drama, tours, trips and visits or societies and clubs organised by Sixth Formers themselves.